DENSE HAIR EXPERTS- Terms of use and conditions of sale

Last Updated: 25 August, 2023

These User Terms and Conditions of Sale ("User Terms") are crucial and we urge you to go through them diligently. They are applicable when you utilise our website at ("Our Site") and/or when you avail any Services (as defined below) from Our Site.

By proceeding to access Our Site and/or by availing any Services from Our Site, you signify that you acknowledge these User Terms and promise to abide by them. If you disagree with these User Terms, please refrain from using Our Site or availing any Services from it.

We reserve the right to modify these User Terms sporadically, hence we recommend revisiting them regularly to note any alterations. Such modifications will come into effect when you next access Our Site.



We operate under the name of The Family Pharma Ltd T/a Dense Hair Experts, registered and incorporated in England and Wales. Our business address is Unit 6 Acorn Business Park, Keighley Road, Skipton BD23 2UE.

On Our Site, we offer a portal allowing users to set up a user profile ("Profile") and gain access to the ensuing ("Services"):

Engage in online healthcare consultations for specific medical conditions ("Online Consults");

Upon prescription by the online medical expert post the Online Consult, enable the procurement of select prescription medications via subscription from affiliated service providers ("Subscribed Medications");

Procurement of selected non-prescription items presented by us on Our Site occasionally ("OTC Items", and together with the Subscribed Medications, "Items").

Details on the process to request Services, the manner in which we offer the Services, resolution methods for any issues, and other pertinent data about the Services are detailed in the sections below titled Service Provisions. The Service Provisions are relevant each time you establish a Profile with us and/or employ Our Site to avail Services.

For inquiries, technical concerns, or to raise a grievance, kindly get in touch with us at



Your Permissions and Limitations

This Site is intended exclusively for your individual and non-commercial engagement.

All content on Our Site is primarily targeted at individuals aged 18 and above residing within the United Kingdom.

In relation to the Site and your Profile, you commit not to:

  • Compromise the safety or reliability of the Site, our technological infrastructure or systems, or if the Services or Site are hosted by another entity, that entity's IT structures and networks. Any security violation will be intimated to the appropriate legal agencies, and we will collaborate with those agencies, potentially revealing your identity;
  • Exploit, or mishandle, the Services or Site in a manner that could debilitate its operational capability, or the systems used to facilitate the Services or Site, or hinder other users' experience;
  • Seek unauthorized entry to materials unless explicitly permitted, or to the IT system on which the Services or Site operate;
  • Introduce, or feed into the Services or Site, any elements or data that might harm others' devices or software, content that's deemed inappropriate, or materials in contravention of any law (this includes copyrighted materials or trade secrets that you're not authorized to employ);
  • Establish hyperlinks to the Site without our prior written endorsement;
  • Duplicate any segment of the Site;
  • Endeavor to alter, clone, adjust, disintegrate, or reverse engineer any software integral to the Services' delivery or the Site's functionality, barring normal operational needs and as legally permissible;
  • Pretend to be another user on the Site;
  • display any indecent, hostile, or reprehensible behaviour on the Site; or
  • Utilize the Site for any illicit objectives.

If you leverage communication tools provided via the Site (like forums, surveys, or messaging platforms), you pledge to use these tools exclusively for lawful, personal objectives. You must abstain from using these tools for propagating unrelated content to the Site or for promotional agendas.

When you initiate any communication on the Site, you confirm that you have the legal right to do so. All interactions should reflect respect and decorum. We are not mandated to ensure the legitimacy of communications on the Site or their strict relevance to the Services.

You may possess rights established by the law, and these User Terms won't impede those unless there's a contradiction. In such cases, these User Terms shall prevail over other rights you might hold, unless disallowed by legal provisions.


Protection of Your Personal Data

We are deeply committed to safeguarding your personal data. Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy for comprehensive details on how we manage and protect your personal information.

Dense Hair Experts' Rights and Responsibilities

We reserve the right to alter, adjust, update, or eliminate specific features or content on the Site whenever we deem necessary.

You acknowledge and consent that any feedback, data, or suggestions you provide to us can be utilised by us without any obligation for compensation, recognition, or payment to you. This may be for varied purposes, including but not limited to, the development, production, and marketing of services and products, or refining the Site, Services, Items, or other offerings.

We, along with our licensors, hold proprietary rights over the Site, encompassing all intellectual property therein. This includes (but isn't limited to) any software, applications, and domain names accessible via the Site, as well as the content (barring personal details of you and other users stored in your respective profiles), videos, audios, graphics, logos, icons, and service titles present on the Site. Except as explicitly delineated in these User Terms, you possess no rights in such intellectual property.



When you establish a Profile or acquire Services through us, these Service Guidelines, a component of our User Terms, come into effect. By setting up an account and clicking on “Register” or “Proceed”, you enter into a binding agreement with us.

We are legally obliged to offer Services that align with their portrayal on our Site and in line with these Service Guidelines.

To end these Service Guidelines, you can reach out to our customer service team at On doing so, your Profile access will be revoked, including the data it contains, and you won't be entitled to any Services.


Profile Management

To access Services on our Site, and to utilize specific features and zones of the Site, you're required to establish a Profile, secured with a username and password. We advise opting for robust passwords (ones integrating upper- and lower-case alphabets, numerals, and symbols).

You're eligible to register and utilize the Services via our Site if you’re a minimum of eighteen (18) years, residing in the UK, and legally qualified in your nation of residence to commit to the Service agreement and to procure Products. Notably, Prescription Items can be purchased only if you're aged between 18 and 65 for safety reasons.

The confidentiality and security of your username and password are crucial. It's your exclusive duty to oversee and regulate your Profile access. Any activity on your Profile falls under your responsibility. For any security concerns related to your Profile, reach out to

To utilize the Services, all details we ask during registration, including valid contact and valid payment details as accepted on the Site, must be provided. Delivering precise and comprehensive details is vital for our service provision, so ensure your responses are both accurate and complete. You’re held accountable for the accuracy, completeness, and contemporariness of the information shared during and post-registration.

Post your Profile creation, we might, as per permissible laws, seek to verify your identity, possibly asking for additional verification documents.

For personal purposes, you're permitted to copy information within your Profile and reasonable sections of the Site, inclusive of its content and materials.

We reserve the right to pause access or terminate your Profile for any rationale. Should we resort to either action, we will promptly notify you.



You can use our site to request Consultations, Prescription and Non-Prescription Products. Before making any such requests, you must first establish an Account as detailed earlier. Should you wish to order a Prescription Product, a comprehensive medical intake form should be completed for clinical review. Some Non-Prescription Products are categorized as pharmacy medicines or "P-meds", which require a pharmacist's approval for purchase. For these, a questionnaire needs to be completed for the pharmacist's assessment.

Our platform is exclusively designed to offer our Services and Products to UK-based clientele. We regretfully do not cater to orders from or deliveries to non-UK addresses.

Post your order, we’ll send an email containing your order reference number, which is also accessible through your Account. This reference number proves useful in future communications regarding your order.

For Non-Prescription Products, a confirmation of your order symbolizes the establishment of a contract with us.

In cases where the order includes a P-med, the order stands as unconfirmed until obtaining the Pharmacy's approval. An email will be dispatched to notify you upon this approval.

If the order involves a Prescription Product, it remains unconfirmed until a prescription is issued and subsequently approved by the Pharmacy. Another email will be sent upon this endorsement. Receipt of the order confirmation email also implies you've agreed to the underlying Pharmacy Terms.

Upon selecting “Confirm Order/ Place Order”, the entire order amount, covering any P-med or Prescription Product, is deducted. Should there be any disapprovals for the P-med or Prescription Product, you’ll be refunded the amount, excluding any Consultation fees if applicable.

All Products procured through our platform are strictly for your individual use.

Our mode of communication with you encompasses phone (inclusive of SMS) or written correspondence either through email or traditional mail. The contact details used will be the ones shared during the order. Therefore, it's imperative that these details remain current in your Account for uninterrupted communication concerning your order.

Should you reconsider a previously ordered product, possibilities to return it can be explored as per our Cancellation, Refunds and Returns Policy, detailed in the subsequent sections.



Upon acquiring a prescription for a hair loss Prescription Product, your purchase shall be facilitated through our pharmacy, hereinafter denoted as “Pharmacy”. The binding agreement regarding the acquisition of Prescription Products is directly established between you, the user, and the Pharmacy.

For those obtaining a Prescription Product to address alopecia or general hair loss, the transaction will be processed by The Family Pharma Ltd T/a Dense Hair Experts located at Unit 6 Acorn Business Park, Keighley Road, Skipton BD23 2UE. Terms pertinent to The Family Pharma Ltd Pharmacy will oversee these transactions.

For any further inquiries, clarifications, or communication needs, reach out to us at



For the acquisition of a Prescription Product from our website, it's imperative to undergo a Consultation initially. These Consultations are facilitated by independent, certified prescribers, all of whom are registered in the UK with the General Pharmaceutical Council, hereinafter referred to as a “Clinician”. Clinicians are accountable for assessing your treatment requests, potentially diagnosing conditions, and issuing relevant prescriptions if they deem it apt.

The Consultation process necessitates that you fill out a comprehensive medical form online. This encompasses details like current medications, health history, and more. This data is subsequently relayed to the Clinician, who assesses the appropriateness of the desired Prescription Product based on your input. Given the reliance on the accuracy of the information provided by you, it's vital to be honest and meticulous. Post-review, the Clinician might pose additional queries which you're obligated to address. Issuance of a prescription remains at the sole discretion of the Clinician. In scenarios where a prescription isn't sanctioned, purchasing the Prescription Product from our website won't be viable. However, if approved, the transaction will be facilitated via the Pharmacy.



Some products showcased on our platform are exclusively available via subscription. Upon ordering such products, you automatically enroll in the stipulated subscription. During the order process, you'll be notified whether your chosen product is a one-off purchase or a subscription-based acquisition. We offer an array of subscription choices depending on your chosen product. The frequency of your subscription (“Subscription Period”) can be determined during your order.

Payments are processed using the account details provided, typically on the corresponding date of your Subscription Period, commencing from the initial order date.

Subscriptions remain active until you choose to discontinue. Termination can be executed anytime by emailing Please note, if cancellations or pauses occur within 48 hours preceding the next billing cycle, the forthcoming product shipment will still be billed.

For uninterrupted Prescription Product shipments, prescription renewals are obligatory every twelve months post the initial prescription date. Renewal mandates a subsequent Consultation either through your online dashboard or by heeding an email request from a Clinician. Renewal notifications will be dispatched via email.

Subscription particulars can be accessed by signing into your account.

Subscriptions may be halted or terminated under circumstances like:

  • Outdated/expired payment or contact data.
  • Absence of health and medication data validation or updates within the specified timeframe.
  • Account suspension or termination.
  • Unavailability or stock shortages of the Prescription Product.
  • Payment authorizations being unsuccessful.
  • Discrepancies in the depiction or pricing of services.

For any clarifications or updates, please contact us at




All figures provided on our website are in pounds sterling, exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and any UK-based taxes. The Consultations and Products' pricing is as specified on the order confirmation page. We strive to ensure all displayed prices are accurate. However, these may fluctuate occasionally, but this will not impact any confirmed orders.

Payment methods include:

  1. Credit or debit cards as highlighted on the site.
  2. E-wallets or e-currencies accepted on our site periodically.


During account setup, you will be prompted to select a payment method and input its details. Confirming your payment details asserts that you are the legitimate holder.

Payment authorization depends on your card issuer's approval, e-money or e-wallet provider's verification. We hold no responsibility for declined payments due to failed verifications or any reasons deemed by the issuer. Suspicious activities may be reported to relevant authorities. While we strive for promptness, certain payment processes might necessitate 2-3 working days. Should any challenges arise in obtaining payment authorization, you will be informed, which might postpone Product delivery.

If we can't process your card within 7 days post notification, your Service access may be restricted or paused temporarily. Until outstanding payments are settled, our obligations may be withheld. This doesn't compromise our other entitlements.

Your payments encompass our Service fees and the costs of Consultations and Products. All payments are consolidated and handled on the Pharmacy's behalf.



Product dispatch is contingent upon successful order approval and payment clearance. Prescription Products' delivery complies with the Pharmacy Terms elucidated previously.

Delivery charges will be evident during your online transaction.

While we, in collaboration with our Pharmacy, exert utmost effort, we cannot be held liable for delays caused by unforeseen events. Should any delay transpire, we commit to notify you and take remedial actions. If potential substantial delays arise, you have the liberty to terminate the agreement and request reimbursements for undelivered Products.

If delivery attempts to your specified address prove futile, the courier service might leave instructions regarding subsequent delivery arrangements


Product order acceptance hinges on product availability and raw material accessibility. Post-order placement, any unavailability or anticipated delays will be promptly communicated.

In situations where a product's supply is obstructed – owing to manufacturer shortages or pricing discrepancies – you will be apprised via email. If payments have already been processed, immediate reimbursements will be affected.

On certain occasions, the Pharmacy or we might have to halt product provisions to:

  1. Rectify technical glitches or instigate minor modifications.
  2. Update the product in alignment with prevailing legislative or regulatory mandates.
  3. Implement product changes as instigated by you or as conveyed by us.


Prior intimation will be sent if there's a suspension in product provision, barring emergencies. Should a suspension extend beyond a month, we'll recalibrate the pricing accordingly. If such elongated suspensions occur, you may opt to terminate the contract, and prepayments for undelivered products will be refunded.

Non-payment might also instigate product supply suspension. If dues aren't settled within 10 days post our reminder, product supply can be halted until clearance. In case of genuine disputes, the suspension won't be affected. However, during suspension, interest might accrue on overdue amounts.

For further details or clarifications, kindly reach out to


Order Cancellation, Refunds, and Returns Policy

Returns Policy

We trust you will be satisfied with your purchase from Dense Hair Experts. However, should there be any reason for dissatisfaction, the following returns policy applies:

Non-Prescription Products: You reserve the right to cancel the agreement between us regarding Non-Prescription Products within 14 days of receiving them without stating a reason. To execute this right, kindly send us an email within the specified period to, mentioning your name, address, and order details you wish to cancel. In the event of cancellation, you should return the Non-Prescription Product to our Pharmacy within 14 days from the day you informed us. The expense of returning the product lies with you and should be sent to the given address in the delivery note.

Prescription Products: Owing to health and safety protocols, we do not accept returns for Prescription Products.

Your Right to Cancel

We and our Pharmacy are legally obligated to deliver products that adhere to the terms of this contract, ensuring they are as presented, appropriate for the intended use, and of the required quality. For more detailed information, kindly visit the Citizens Advice website or call the provided number.

You may terminate a contract under the following conditions, wherein the contract ceases immediately, and a full refund for any unprovided products will be issued, with potential entitlement to compensation:

  • If we inform you of a forthcoming change to the product or these terms that you disapprove of.
  • If we communicate an error regarding the product’s price or description, and you opt not to proceed.
  • If events beyond our control significantly delay the product supply.
  • If we halt the product supply for technical reasons exceeding one month or inform you of such a suspension.
  • If you legally end the contract due to our error.

Should you end the contract post the product's delivery, it must either be returned or collected. Reach out to us at for return instructions.

If products are damaged, defective, or not as depicted, or if the contract is cancelled due to our or the Pharmacy's actions, we will cover your return postage.

Refunds will be processed using the original payment method.

Reimbursements may be withheld until the product is received or evidence of return is provided. Any depreciation in the product's value due to handling, beyond what would be acceptable in a retail setting, may be deducted from the reimbursement.


Our Right to Cancel

If you report adverse side effects from a product, we may cancel your order or subscription. We will then halt or instruct the Pharmacy to stop deliveries and refund any prepaid amounts for the period post-contract termination.

Your Responsibilities

Ensure that the information you share about your health, medication, and other details is accurate and current. Notify us about any changes, especially regarding your health, medication, and delivery address. You acknowledge that incorrect information could jeopardize your health. Update your information via your account.

Always read the patient information and follow the provided clinical guidelines before product use. Notify your doctors about any products you're using from us. The Website, Services, and Products are strictly for personal use.


Changes to Service Terms

We may modify these Service Terms. In such cases, a minimum of 10 working days' notice will be given, allowing you to cancel your subscription before changes apply, ensuring refunds for any pre-paid but undelivered services or products.


Other Key Terms

Customer Complaints and Services

Should our services or products disappoint you in any manner, please contact us promptly at If your grievance pertains to the Pharmacy or has a medical nature, it might be redirected accordingly.

Our Liability

Our responsibility is limited to direct losses resulting from our failure to adhere to these terms. Nevertheless, we don't limit our liability where it's illegal to do so.



Unless stated in these terms, our Website, Services, and Products are offered “as is” and “as available”. We strive for accuracy but cannot guarantee complete precision or that the platform will always be virus-free.

The content on the Website isn't medical advice. Always consult your GP regularly. While we strive to maintain website availability, unforeseen factors might result in temporary unavailability.


All interactions under these terms will be in English. You may not transfer any rights under this agreement. We may transfer our rights or ask someone else to fulfil certain aspects without affecting the contract's essence.

Only you and Dense Hair Experts have rights under these terms. If a provision is deemed unlawful, the remainder stays intact. Delays in enforcing terms don't waive our right to enforce them later.

This agreement is governed by English law. Disputes can be resolved in English courts or, depending on your residence, in Scottish or Northern Irish courts.

For disputes, contact us first at for an informal resolution. If unresolved, we'll explore mediation or arbitration.