Order Cancellation, Refunds, and Returns Policy

Returns Policy

We trust you will be satisfied with your purchase from Dense Hair Experts. However, should there be any reason for dissatisfaction, the following returns policy applies:

Non-Prescription Products: You reserve the right to cancel the agreement between us regarding Non-Prescription Products within 14 days of receiving them without stating a reason. To execute this right, kindly send an email within the specified period to help@densehairexperts.com, mentioning your name, address, and order details you wish to cancel. In the event of cancellation, you should return the Non-Prescription Product to our Pharmacy within 14 days from the day you informed us. The expense of returning the product lies with you and should be sent to the given address in the delivery note.

Prescription Products: Owing to health and safety protocols, we do not accept returns for Prescription Products.

Your Right to Cancel

We and our Pharmacy are legally obligated to deliver products that adhere to the terms of this contract, ensuring they are as presented, appropriate for the intended use, and of the required quality. For more detailed information, kindly visit the Citizens Advice website or contact Dense using the email help@densehairexperts.com.

You may terminate a contract under the following conditions, wherein the contract ceases immediately, and a full refund for any unprovided products will be issued.

  • If we inform you of a forthcoming change to the product or these terms that you disapprove of.
  • If we communicate an error regarding the product’s price or description, and you opt not to proceed.
  • If events beyond our control significantly delay the product supply.
  • If we halt the product supply for technical reasons exceeding one month or inform you of such a suspension.
  • If you legally end the contract due to our error.

Should you end the contract post the product's delivery, it must either be returned or collected. Reach out to us at help@densehairexperts.com for return instructions.

If products are damaged, defective, or not as depicted, or if the contract is cancelled due to our or the Pharmacy's actions, we will cover your return postage.

Refunds will be processed using the original payment method.

Reimbursements may be withheld until the product is received or evidence of return is provided. Any depreciation in the product's value due to handling, beyond what would be acceptable in a retail setting, may be deducted from the reimbursement.


Our Right to Cancel

If you report adverse side effects from a product, we may cancel your order or subscription. We will then halt or instruct the Pharmacy to stop deliveries and refund any prepaid amounts for the period post-contract termination.

Your Responsibilities

Ensure that the information you share about your health, medication, and other details is accurate and current. Notify us about any changes, especially regarding your health, medication, and delivery address. You acknowledge that incorrect information could jeopardize your health. Update your information via your account.

Always read the patient information and follow the provided clinical guidelines before product use. Notify your doctors about any products you're using from us. The Website, Services, and Products are strictly for personal use.