Our Guarantee is available with both our Comprehensive and Essential plan

We’ve made treating hair loss as easy as A,B,C. Products should be easy to use, affordable and actually work! Dense Personalised hair growth plans provide a pill-free solution to hair loss. What’s the catch… there isn’t one! We have already helped over 20,000 men rediscover their Hair confidence and our treatments will work for over 90% of men with noticeable results in as little as 90 days.

You can now use our products risk-free with our 150-day Money Back Guarantee, Please note the money-back guarantee only applies to the Dense Complete Plan.

How does the Dense Hair Expert Guarantee Work?

  1. Pre-treatment Photographs

    1. Once your order has been approved by one of our Hair Experts you will be prompted (by email) to send in the pre-treatment photographs of your pre-treatment hair status- these images must be emailed to guarantee@densehairexperts.com

    2. The Below angles are required for photographs. It is important that you take photographs in good lighting.

    3. Angles Required: As illustrated below, clear images are required- This step is important for the activation of your guarantee.

    4. Top

      Front/ Hairline

      Back/ Crown



  2. Progress Photographs

    1. It is your responsibility to take progress photographs every 30 days to keep a track of your progress, these must be submitted to Dense for our records

    2. To allow us to make accurate comparisons, Take the same angle photographs using the same light, camera, and camera settings (if your pre-treatment photographs were taken with a camera flash, then the following photos must also be taken with flash)

    3. Failure to keep track of your progress and upload your photographs will invalidate your guarantee.

  3. Making a refund request

    1. If after 180 days you feel like the treatment has not been effective at stabilising and/ or reversing your hairloss you are entitled to submit a refund request

    2. Refund requests can only be made after 180 days of using your treatment as instructed by our experts and you may claim a refund between 180-210 days from receiving delivery of your first Dense Complete hairloss plan.

    3. To make a refund request simply get in touch with our customer care team at guarantee@densehairexperts.com who will arrange to pass your case to one of our hair experts.

    4. If we agree that the treatment has not been effective at stabilizing and/ or reversing your hair loss, we will issue you a refund within 30day of your refund request being approved.