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RX Topical Spray Minoxidil 5% & Dutasteride 0.1%

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A 2-in-1 topical spray containing 5% Minoxidil fortified with Dutasteride with a sensitive base.
If Finasteride has not worked, you may need to use the strongest DHT Blocker on the market Dutasteride.
This dual-action spray with actives that have been clinically proven to block DHT, stimulates new hair growth and helps stop the loss of hair in individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Suitable for

General Thinning
Temples / Crown
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    Need to know

    • Any Hair Type

      Any Hair Type

    • Any Stage of Hair Loss

      Any Stage of Hair Loss

    • Densify and thicken formula

      Densify and thicken formula

    • Activates dormant follicles

      Activates dormant follicles

    • Stronger DHT blocker

      Stronger DHT blocker

    • Prescription only

      Prescription only

    • Formula potency Formula potency

      Formula potency

    Ask The Doc

    RX Topical Spray Minoxidil 5% & Dutasteride 0.1%

    • How does it work?

      Dutasteride 0.1%: Like Finasteride, Dutasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. However, in patients where Finasteride has been ineffective Dutasteride may be a great alternative. There are 2 pathways that lead to the formation of DHT; Finasteride Blocks one, and Dutasteride blocks both, making it a lot more potent.

      DHT is the hormone which is responsible for causing hair loss in males. This is because it causes hair follicles to shrink so hair grows thinner, is weaker, and falls out more quickly. Eventually, the hair is not strong enough to break the surface of the scalp, leading to complete baldness. As Dutasteride blocks the enzyme 5α-Reductase, less DHT is produced. This allows hair to regrow from the follicles that were previously affected as a result of DHT, as well as preventing further hair loss, resulting in a fuller, denser head of hair. Dutasteride has been shown to be effective in
      regrowing hair in a matter of months.

      Minoxidil 5%: Topical Minoxidil solution 5% is clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth and helps stop the loss of hair in individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA). 5% Minoxidil is a lab-formulated topical liquid which is proven to promote hair regrowth. This formula helps with reversing the shrinkage of hair follicles (androgenetic alopecia) and extends each follicle's growth phase. Reversing the miniaturisation (thinning/ shrinkage) of follicles by:

      - Increasing blood flow to hair follicles providing them with the vital nutrients
      - Stimulates follicle growth by activating the follicular growth cycle
      - Keeps hair in the growth phase for longer allowing hair follicles to thicken to their maximal capacity

    • What's inside it?

      Active Ingredients: Minoxidil 5% w/v and Dutasteride 01%. Other ingredients are: Hydophillic solution containing mineral salts of vegetable origin.

    • How do I use it?

      Easy as…
      1. Apply 5-7 sprays to wet or dry hair and rub it into the scalp.
      2. Wash hands after use.
      3. Use twice daily, ideally after a morning shower and then before bed.

      Watch our video here to find the best way to apply our product.

    • When Will I See Results?

      It usually takes months or years for you to lose hair to androgenetic alopecia, so it can take several weeks to reverse. 8/10 men will see results within 12-16 weeks. In the rare instance, that the results are not as desirable as you want, we can increase the % or add other active ingredients after you’ve completed your consultation. The best results from continued use of your recommended treatment are seen after 4-6 months. Subscribing to your medication is the best way to ensure you never run out of the medication and have the consistency needed to see amazing results.

      Good hair comes to those who Densify.

    • Is it right for me?

      Because this is a prescribed product, please complete our free consultation so our pharmacist can assess it. With the Propylene Glycol free formula there is even less chance of irritation. We’re all about science, so if you want to read more about the active ingredients in our products, here are some excellent links to read up on.

    • What If It Doesn't Work

      At DENSE® Hair Experts, we carry out a full patient consultation to ensure the plan we provide for you is specifically designed for your hair and scalp. Please complete the consultation to find out which treatment is best suited for your follicles. In the event that treatment has not yielded the result you expected, not all is lost. We are the experts and we can carry out further tests to alter your treatment plan to best suit your hair needs. Get in touch to discuss this further.

    • Is this product prescription only?

      Yes, this is a prescription only. Please take the free consultation or if you are a current customer and want to change your prescription please get in touch with customer services.

    • Can I still style my hair after using the products?

      Style away my friend! Make sure to allow a few minutes for the spray to settle and dry before moving on to our optimised styling range. If you wish to blow dry your hair, use a low setting. For best results use in conjunction with the DENSE® Optimised Haircare range.

    • Will it make my hair greasy?

      Initially, your hair may feel a little damp but this lasts for a few minutes post-application. The formulation is a spray as opposed to foam or pipette oil, which means it's a lot easier to apply with minimal greasiness.

    • Are there any side effects?

      As with many medicated products, there are always reported side effects, but in our case, these are extremely rare. The beauty of our topical treatments is that the application of the product is limited to the scalp (just where we need it!). This means we can cleverly avoid any systemic risks of decreased libido or erectile dysfunction which can occur more frequently when taking Dutasteride in tablet form. Applying the active ingredients directly onto the scalp means that very little can get into the systemic circulation and whole-body side effects should be rare.

      That being said, in rare cases the following side effects may be observed: They can include breast enlargement/tenderness; decreased libido; problems ejaculating; erectile dysfunction. Some very uncommon side effects include heart problems; swollen ankles; shortness in breath; extreme fatigue. Some extremely rare side effects include testicular swelling or tenderness; depression. Some patients may also experience an allergic reaction to the medication this includes: respiratory depression; edema of legs lips face tongue legs and feet; skin reactions such as rash or hives. If you are having treatment of the following you should consult your doctor before starting the medication: Antidepressant medication Antifungal therapy Alpha blocker treatment Blood pressure medication

      To read further scientific studies and learn more about the safety of Dutasteride view this link.


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