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“Plant Power: Curcuma Longa and hair growth”

First published

Mo & Ash

Written by
@Mo & Ash

Curcuma Longa is an all-natural and plant-based hair growth formula, made completely from the plant commonly known as turmeric.  Active Curcuma Longa  represents the first generation of plant growth factors and achieves hair growth reactivation through a biological approach, it is rich signalling peptides specially designed to create the optimal micro-environment to increase blood circulation and reactivate hair follicles and promote hair growth resulting in stronger, more nourished & enhanced hair.

Active Curcuma Longa  is an extremely powerful all natural ingredient which has some incredible hair and scalp benefits:

  • Prevents and reduces Hair loss
  • Stimulates Hair growth
  • Densification & Volumising of hair
  • Strengthens and nourishes Hair
  • Treatment for weak and fragile hair
  • Boosts hair Growth
  • Stops and delays hair loss
  • Resets hair cycle and extends growth phase of hair cycles
  • Stimulates follicle microcirculation and nutrition
  • Promotes hair follicle regeneration

Golden Nugget: Did you know our Daily Densify Shampoo, Active Densify Salt Spray and Active Densify Styling Paste have high concentrations of this powerful ingredient. At Dense we feel that no one should compromise their styling routine because they are losing hair, our products allow you to grow in style! Check out our Optimised Hair Care Range or simply take a free consultation to discover everything you need to get you growing!

For more from Dense Lifestyle Editor Mo & Ash follow him on instagram at @custom_field


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