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“Hair Loss Basics”

First published

Mo & Ash

Written by
@Mo & Ash

Hair loss can be caused by any number of factors, including hormonal imbalances, genetics, hair care practices and even your diet. One of the main causes of hair loss in both men and women is male pattern hair loss (MPHL), also known as androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia is a pattern of hair loss which is caused by an increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a breakdown product of the male hormone testosterone. The hair loss occurs in all areas where hair grows, but usually more noticeable in certain areas like the crown or hairline. Genetics will have a strong role in predisposition to androgenic alopecia which is why some people do not seem to experience hair loss at all while other can experience it early on in life and the pattern of loss also varies from person to person with some patient losing the crown and other suffering with a receding hairline. The extent of androgenetic alopecia can be classified using the Norwood Classification System.

Male pattern hair loss can occur at any age but tends to first appear in early to mid-adulthood. The hair loss can be slow or rapid, occurring over several months and even suddenly after an illness. Male hair loss is common, affecting more than 6 million men in the UK alone.

Treatment for hair loss usually starts with a medication to stop DHT from being produced, known as an anti-androgen. The most commonly used anti-androgen medications are Finasteride and Dutasteride which work by inhibiting the conversion of Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Another commonly used medication is Minoxidil, Minoxidil is a vasodilator medication which can increase hair growth by widening the blood vessels in and around hair follicles thus improving blood supply which is vital for the transport of nutrients and oxygen the hair requires to flourish. Minoxidil can be used in combination with anti-androgen medication such as finasteride or dutasteride with success rates up to 90%.

The emergence of novel plant based compounds have recently taken the hair loss industry by storm, more noticeably Active Curcuma Longa and Botanical and Biotechnological Extracts which have shown promising clinical studies in helping regrow hair, strengthening hair follicles and improving the scalp condition.

We believe it is important to empower our patients with all the tools they need to beat their androgens and genetics by providing our patients with a whole host of pharmaceutical and plant-based formulations.

We have worked closely with Juvida Clinics, UKs most trusted hair transplant clinic and so we are aware of what our patients want and how they are feeling. We are also aware of how reluctant some patients are to take hair loss medication which is why we have spent years developing and perfecting pill free solutions to treat alopecia. We are here for everyone and we are confident that we have a solution for everyone. We do not believe in the one fits all approach and our plans are specifically tailored to each individual.

We are here to empower you and your hair. We are the experts and have developed a whole styling range which has taken advantage of scientifically proven and tested plant based compounds which can replace your existing hair care products, so you can now replace your average existing hair care products with an Optimised hair care range will help you grow in style and upscale your hair care and styling routine.

Golden Nugget: Hair loss is common; you are not alone! The good news is it can be treated. The key to successfully treating and managing hair loss is early detection and prevention. Understand your genetics and control the DHT! You can take control now by simply taking our free no obligation consultation.

For more from Dense Lifestyle Editor Mo & Ash follow him on instagram at @custom_field


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