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“Can hairloss be prevented?”

First published

Mo & Ash

Written by
@Mo & Ash

Androgenic Alopecia is a hair loss condition characterised by shrinkage (miniaturisation) which progressively gets worse until the follicles become obsolete leading to complete baldness. Androgenic alopecia may sometimes be referred to as Male pattern baldness (MPB) or female Pattern Baldness. The pattern of hair loss in androgenic alopecia is progressive and varies between men and women. This is usually classified by the Norwood classification.

Androgenic alopecia is caused by Hormonal and Genetic factors.

Androgen Hormones: Patients who suffer with Androgenic Alopecia will generally have increased sensitivity to androgens especially DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT, a derivative of testosterone, can have an influence on hair cycles leading to shorter hair cycles and therefore hair follicles are shorter and thinner (usually referred to as miniaturisation).

The bald Gene? There is a general consensus with researchers who believe several genes play a role in androgenic alopecia. It is unclear if Androgenic alopecia is an inherited condition, as several genetic and environmental factors are involved. However, it does seem to cluster in families. Therefore, if you have close family relatives who suffer from Androgenic alopecia, you are at risk from suffering from it also.

There is no cure for Androgenic alopecia but it can be treated. The key to treatment is detecting as early as possible. Try and be proactive and consider some of the following factors.

  • Family history- are there close relative who are or have suffered with alopecia, if so you may be at risk)
  • Early signs of hairloss- have you noticed your hairline recede or does your hair on the top of your head feel thin with your scalp being more noticeable.
  • Greater Loss of hair than usual- are you noticing more hair fall while showering or brushing hair.

The earlier you can treat the problem the sooner you can bring your hair to its ultimate Density. Remember there is no cure, so it’s all about prevention and treatment. Treatments for androgenic alopecia should not burn a hole in your pocket, it’s about Understanding the problem and treating the root cause. Understand your genetics and control the androgens.

Golden Nuggets: At Dense all of our plans are tailored to match your hair goals. Take our free consultation to find out your hair plan. When you think of Androgenic Alopecia, think of hormones and genetics. The earlier you act the better chance we have of getting your hair to its Dense Glory! Don’t sit and wait for things to get worse, recognise it early and act immediately.

For more from Dense Lifestyle Editor Mo & Ash follow him on instagram at @custom_field


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